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2#: Do as little as possible now | Change Management

2#: Do as little as possible now | Change Management

Change Management

Change Management

In your calmness, lies also your strength!

For many, the turbo has been on for the last few years and now is a good time to pause and reflect, to think strategically, calmly and intelligently, without the usual quick action.

It is comparable to the fishermen who repair and mend their net in the winter and then go fishing again with full power in the summer. Personally, I recommend many moments of rest.

At Change Management it's about giving the monkey herd in your head a rest. How does that work? I think that a lot of advice like our parents would have given us can help a lot: a long walk, ideally in the forest and sometimes alone. If you still can't stand it, then together with a good companion and you agree to talk consciously about beautiful things, successes in life, dreams, so that a gratitude for life can arise and the restlessness, perhaps worry or fear, gives way for a few minutes.

Suggestions for change management from the more modern era would be meditation, which I can recommend as being quite great, just sit for 10-20 minutes in the morning and be still. There are wonderful apps for this (I use the Insight Timer) with guided or unguided meditations; at YouTube you can look at the cross-legged position! You realize it's about pausing to activate your own inner strength.

Often, through projection, we make real worries much bigger than they are and then live through the projected worries bigger than the real problem!

If it's bad, try talking to a sympathetic friend or maybe even a Coach who will listen to you like a sparring partner. However, in most cases simply a sympathetic friend is enough. If it's really bad, it's definitely worth looking at it with a friend/coach to find out "What exactly is causing the restlessness in me and what can I usefully do for myself?

Why don't you follow my PodcastHere my guests and I discuss similar topics on inner work and change management. There is certainly something for you.

Have an awesome day! Farid"

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