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Farid Josef El-Nomany - paid friend®
Farid Josef El-Nomany - paid friend®
#15: 21-year-old owner of the digital agency braveart Nils Ehrenfried in the paid friend®Podcast

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My team and I are experts in human performance. We create formats for fast and sustainable professional and personal growth by creating an inspiring framework: Recognizing, Facilitating and Empowering. Interested? Then you've come to the right place for my podcast! In each episode you will learn valuable tips for your personal growth: from elccon founder Farid El-Nomany and his guests. Because the best way to learn is from the best!



#15: 21-year-old owner of the digital agency braveart Nils Ehrenfried in the paid friend®Podcast

21 November 2021

Nils Ehrenfried My guest today is Nils Ehrenfried, one of my younger guests, is with his wonderful young 21 years founder and owner of the digital agency "braveart", and has been for 4...

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Ferhat Bülbül

#14: Farid on the topic of inner work with co-host Ferhat Bülbül in the paid friend®Podcast

8 November 2021

Inner work Inner work is like building up an inner musculature for difficult times. Today, we're finally calling a spade a spade. Anyone who has listened to my podcast before knows....

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Ferhat Bülbül

#13: Farid about the felccon foundation with co-host Ferhat Bülbül in the paid friend®Podcast

18 October 2021

felccon Foundation How can we as a society improve the today of tomorrow? Question the status quo? Face and overcome the great challenges of the future? My foundation has...

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#12: Andreas Burkhardt, General Manager DE & AT at Teva Pharmaceuticals on leadership and his path to becoming CEO

4 October 2021

Andreas Burkhardt & Teva ratiopharm "I would like to be a leader by whom I would like to be led" - Today's guest is Andreas Burkhardt, whom I already met eight...

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Ferhat Bülbül

#11: "Staying clean" and integrity with co-host Ferhat Bülbül & guest Michel Gehrke on the paid friend®Podcast

22 September 2021

Staying Clean & Integrity Staying Clean is today's title. For me, that means living my life according to my own set of values. Together with my great co-host Ferhat Bülbül, who...

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craft beer

#10: Craft Beer brewer Markus Berberich in the paid friend®Podcast about the development of his World Champion Craft Beer

7 September 2021

Craft Beer & Markus Berberich Adventurousness. This is Markus' answer to how you manage to develop a creative, pointed idea into a niche product in a beer market that has been declared saturated....

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#9: Self-care with co-host Ferhat Bülbül in the paid friend®Podcast

9 August 2021

Today I have my young co-host Ferhat Bülbül with me again. It's about the important topic of self-care. That is, taking care of yourself because no one else can do it as...

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Storck Bicycle

#8: Company founder Markus Storck in the paid friend®Podcast about the development of his brand Storck Bicycle

25 July 2021

Storck Bicycle Today's guest on the Paid Friend Podcast is Markus Storck, company founder of bicycle manufacturer Storck Bicycle. At the age of 6, Markus not only competed in his first bike race,...

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Farid El-Nomany Paid Friend & Social Entrepreneur
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Farid El-Nomany, born in Cologne, son of an Egyptian father and a German mother, combines Cologne humor and lightness with Prussian acumen and clarity. With Farid you meet a strong personality with inner freedom, integrity and clarity in exchange. His authenticity, his analytical flair and his lightness of touch make him a valued advisor to many top executives and managers.


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