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Markus Berberich

#10: Craft Beer brewer Markus Berberich in the paid friend®Podcast about the development of his World Champion Craft Beer

Farid Josef El-Nomany - paid friend®
Farid Josef El-Nomany - paid friend®
#10: Craft Beer brewer Markus Berberich in the paid friend®Podcast about the development of his World Champion Craft Beer

Craft Beer & Markus Berberich

Adventurousness. This is MarkusThe answer to how one manages to develop a creative, pointed idea into a niche product in a beer market that has been declared saturated. Even though, at first glance, the market is not crying out for another product.

Today his craft beer awarded by the World Beer Awards, market leader in Germany with over 3000 branches and arrived in over 15 countries. My guest today is my good friend Markus Berberich, a trained brewer who went into business for himself in his mid-40s and is pursuing his dream of owning his own brewery. craft beers has fulfilled on the German market. In my podcast we talk about the genesis of his brewing philosophy and today's world champion beers. No brewery in Germany produces beer as well as its Rügen Island Brewery.

If one listened to voices from the industry, one could have assumed that the production of such niche beers would not find a place on the market. And yet Markus has done it, with absolute success. We talk about how he got started, his vision of craft beer in the German market, but also about hurdles and the fear of failure. In addition, Markus has helpful hints from his inner work, about finding his inner balance in collaboration with his wife, values and physicality.


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