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Co-Host Ferhat Bülbül

#7: Better sad than angry with co-host Ferhat Bülbül

Farid Josef El-Nomany - paid friend®
Farid Josef El-Nomany - paid friend®
#7: Better sad than angry with co-host Ferhat Bülbül

Ferhat Bülbül

Better sad than angry is the title of this episode. It is about the feeling of anger, which we often associate with shame in ourselves. Anger is apparently a feeling that should occur as rarely as possible. However, we are much more likely to be angry if we don't face what's behind it. With my co-host Ferhat Bülbül I talk about how I approached and later intensively dealt with the topic of anger, through my inner work. In my case, behind the anger lay a lot of loneliness. How do I recognize where the anger is actually coming from? How do I manage to deal with my anger and bring about change? And let it become a good friend today? In this podcast episode, one of the ways I answer these questions is through tangible experiences I've had through my inner work.



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Farid El-Nomany Paid Friend & Social Entrepreneur
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