Books are projects of the heart!

I have contributed to these two books and they express my attitude. I highly recommend them to you, dear reader, as book recommendations. My next book is planned for the middle of 2022, and I am looking forward to it.

Book Recommendations:

The Essence of Hero's Journey Life: A Tool for Personal Development and Healing "

Viewing life as a hero's journey can be very healing, this has been noted by great thinkers such as Joseph Campbell, Carl Gustav Jung and later Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts as well as Paul Rebillot and others.

Based on this, the author Carina El-Nomany has developed her own, very effective tool: the Essence of the Hero's Journey Life. It is applicable in individual coaching as well as in business training and leadership development. In her book, she presents the tool of the Essence of the Hero's Journey Life in detail as a self-coaching tool as well as in the application in professional coaching and in seminars.

Using her personal hero's journey as well as five other concrete examples, she shows very practically and easily comprehensible the concrete procedure up to the extraction of the respective essence as well as the relevance for the coachee and his further path. It is amazing how little time is needed to achieve an enormous healing effect!

Carina El-Nomany dedicates a separate chapter to the integration of the essence of the Hero's Journey Life into the healing process as well as the combination with rituals.

Her work is aimed both at people who are personally in search of effective tools for development and healing, and at those who are professionally involved in personal development - i.e. coaches, counsellors, therapists, shamans and healers.

Her conviction: "Life is a hero's journey that needs to be mastered in order to learn and grow from the challenges! I am in exactly the right place between the pen and the flip chart to help people and organizations do just that. It's part of my hero's journey and my purpose."

by Carina El-Nomany

Product information

  • ASIN : B072P6PRSS
  • Publisher : Kreutzfeldt digital (11 May 2017)
  • Language: : German

Book Recommendations:

Boost your Business: The best hacks from Germany's top entrepreneurs for setting up and expanding your self-employment

Be your own boss, shake up the corporate world and storm the top of the economy with your own idea. Isn't it a nice thought to conquer the masses with your own product or service?

Are you wondering how to make the leap into self-employment or how to take your fledgling business to the next level? You think you have to learn everything on your own to build a successful business? Wrong! Every entrepreneur needs mentors and role models and here you will find the best tips and tricks from 15 of them bundled at a glance. Among others, Tobias Beck, Felix Thönnessen, Julien Backhaus and René Borbonus are included. 

For this book, authors Susanne and Matthias Knossalla have brought together a group of people who have just started their own business or are about to do so in a wide range of industries. They have shared with the authors their most pressing questions regarding the establishment and expansion of their self-employment. Susanne and Matthias Knossalla asked these questions to some of Germany's best entrepreneurs in a direct exchange and compiled their best tips. 

The top entrepreneurs come from a wide variety of industries: they are bestselling authors, actors, top athletes, speakers and consultants, supervisory board members, publishers, financial experts, investors and much more. All of them have taken completely different paths, but have something in common: they have founded their own companies and are now extremely successful in their respective businesses. The experts were also at the point where you are now a few years ago.

In this book, you'll now find answers to the most pressing questions about your new business, as top experts reveal their secret business strategies and how they would start their own business today.

They give their best tips about

✓ effective marketing
✓ Positioning
✓ Pricing and finances
✓ Customer acquisition
✓ Mindset
✓ Family

and much more.

What makes this book so special are the immediately applicable tips. You'll get exclusive entrepreneurial knowledge and learn what you need to do to leave fears and doubts behind and take off with courage. Take advantage of this treasure trove of expert tips filled with creative ideas and some shortcuts on the road to your self-employment success. 

Take your business to the next level with this book!

from Susanne & Matthias Knossalla
With a contribution by Carina and Farid El-Nomany

Product information

  • Publisher : necstwerk GmbH (13 September 2020)
  • Language: : German

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